Photographers cooperation




  1. You must be a photographer: You have a photographer's website or blog or own a local photo studio (need to provide studio photos or business cards for us to check).
  2. A social media: Facebook homepage, Instagram or YouTube account.
  3. You need to tag us and put our website link on your Facebook and Instagram homepages to show our products.
  4. If you get the model's consent,welcome to provide us with the photos of backdrops use through this email: we have the right to use your picture as a promotion.
  5. If you can record a review video for us or share us in your photographer's Facebook group, I believe you can get bigger discounts,please let me know it.
  6. If you can’t meet all the above conditions but you think you have an advantage in one area, please contact us.

If you are interested to provide local marketing cooperation, Please send e-mail to

The Benefits We Can Bring:

  1. All products on our website can give you lifetime discounts.
  2. Similarly, when we use your photos as a promotion, our Facebook page, Photographer group and Instagram will share your home page and website link.
  3. Once new products are needed for testing, we will give priority to the partners to test.
  4. Our website has thousands and thousands of daily traffic that can increase the visibility of your photographer's identity when your photos are used on our website.

Other Cooperation

We looking for any talented designers,we would like to building a cooperation that we all can accept. So if you are interested in our backdrop design cooperation,please contact us


Rubber Floor Mat
Newborn Wraps& props
Abstract & Texture Backdrops
Birthday&Cake Smash
2022 Xmas New Backdrops
Back To School
Forest/Jungle Backdrop