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Avezano is a company specializing in the production and sales of polyester-cotton backdrops. We provide high-quality, multi-style, multi-size, cheap exquisite polyester-cotton backdrops.

We offer our customers a convenient way to buy attractively priced products of all backgrounds because we are factory outlet.

We have a lot of excellent and beautiful products and backdrops. Textured abstract backdrops are necessary for photographers. Similar backdrops styles are old main backdrops. Of course, solid backdrops are also necessary for any photo studio, and there are other backdrops for other styles.

We are committed to providing the world with high-quality and low-cost backdrops and the best products for every photographer. We hope that everyone can keep the best moments and memories through our products.

If you want to know more product information or have other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!



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Stefany Figueroa
Danyelle Pinnington
Paula Easton
Christy Faulkner
Polly Ro Design
Casi Ann
Angela Forker
Priscilla Ouverney
Vanessa Wright
Miwako Lucy Photography
Karina Rosales
Gwen Photography


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