Avezano Santa'S Sleigh Christmas Photography Backdrop

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Avezano Santa&

Avezano Santa'S Sleigh Christmas Photography Backdrop

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Size(W x H) 5x3ft/1.5x1m About size

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Made with recycled cotton fabrics

Certified fair trade product

    • Material:  Polyester Cotton (Click to view material introduction)

    • Features: High resolution, Computer-printed, Color fidelity, Strong artistic effect stereo sense, Waterproof and not easy to fade, Seamless, Wrinkle free.

    • Packing: 1 x pc backdrop, item sent by folded.

    • Ideal for photography enthusiasts, photography studios, personal, friends or family photos. Our backdrops with vivid printed images is sure to impress and the weight & quality would must be what you are looking for. By the way, if you need any custom (size, picture, wording), please no hesitate to contact us at any time before you buying!


    About Material:

    Avezano backdrop is professional for polyester cotton backdrop making!
    Our products are all computer-printed anti-wrinkle polyester-cotton fabrics because backdrop made of polyester cotton has the following advantages:
    • The pattern is realistic, and the stereo sense is strong.

    • It’s wrinkle-resistent, can be folded without creases, more lightweight, easy to carry.

    • Both washer and dryer safe. So cleaning would be easy.

    • There is a layer of fine wool on the surface of the backdrop cloth, which is soft and comfortable to touch, and it is not easy to reflect the light on it.

    • It’s sturdy durable, can be used repeatedly many years.

    • It is suitable for birthday party, baby shower, wedding, family photography and so on.

    So our product will be your best choice compared with the backdrop made of other materials on the market!


    About Using:

    • Low temperature ironing the back surface with steam iron can remove the crease.

    • You can clamp it to a stand or attach it to a roller system.

    • With the use of photographic stand, clips and light, the picture is better.

    • For family photography, Using tape to stick the backdrop to the wall.

    • It is better to keep some distance when you take pictures.


    About custom:

    We can offer personalized customized backdrop with no extra charge. If you want to custom any backdrop, please no hesitate to contact us. The customized backdrop will be shipped to you about 3-5 working days by expedited express.  (Click here to view shipping information)

    Dear Customers:

    If you have any questions, please no hesitate to click our email to contact us.

    Email: support@avezanobackdrop.com

    Your suggestions will make us become better. Let you more satisfied. Welcome to share your backdrop photos on Instagram & Facebook by using the tag #avezano  #avezanobackdrop #avezanophotography #avezanophotobackdrop